Customs officials at the Port of Port of Spain discovered four guns and a quantity of ammunition in a cargo barrel yesterday.

According to police reports, around 8.45 am, a Customs and Excise Officer examined the contents of a cargo barrel addressed to a female consignee of La Horquetta, Arima.
A sealed bucket found among the barrel’s contents was scanned and irregular objects were observed. The bucket, which was opened in the presence of the consignee, contained a black sticky substance.
A rod was used to remove a black plastic bag from the bucket which contained packages wrapped in transparent plastic.

Upon further examination, the following was found one Taurus nine-millimetre pistol with two magazines and ten rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, twenty-three rounds of 40-millimetre ammunition and seven .380 rounds of ammunition, one SCCY pistol, two magazines, and three rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, one Glock 43 pistol, two magazines, and three rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition and one Ruger LCP pistol, one magazine, and six rounds of .380 rounds of ammunition.

Documents retained by the Customs investigator revealed the name and address of a person from the United States as the sender. A woman is in custody and assisting police with enquiries