The Caribbean Examinations Council has agreed to a 50 per cent reduction to the cost of review fees for CAPE and CSEC students. The reviews will now cost US$15,

A media release from the Education Ministry says CXC has also committed to remarking reviewed scripts, as opposed to simply re-tallying them. Grades will not be adjusted downward during the review—they will either be upgraded or remain the same.

CXC says it is also committed to providing a timely turnaround for reviews.

Students who are in the process of making individual requests for review of their CXC examination grades for 2020, based on the deadline of November 6 are advised that they should continue to use the stipulated process for doing so.

As of October 27, the number of requests for reviews from T&T students is 2,352 for CSEC and 3325 for CAPE.

The Ministry of Education says it will continue to monitor the progress of the review process and will disclose the procedure by which reimbursement of review fees will be done.