Nine- week-old Debo

Nine-week-old Debo was snatched from his home during the early hours of Monday morning and his master wants him back.

Kenwyn Quash, of Red Hill, D’Abadie, is even offering a reward for the safe return of his pitbull puppy.

Quash said Debo usually stayed inside the house but he left him outside because he was doing some tiling work in area where Debo usually slept.

“That person very disgusting and low life to go as far as take somebody’s dog,” said Quash.

He believes that the dognapper is from the area and was marking his property. He said there was no way that Debo could have escaped because his property is fenced with an eight foot concrete wall.

The dognapper, he said, also left behind a trial of footprints after he stepped on a pile of faeces while he was making his escape.

Quas said he last saw Debo, who was tied in the garage when he returned home, around 3 am on Tuesday.

When Quash went to feed him around 9 am he was no where in sight. Unfortunately, Quash’s surveillance cameras had tripped off a few days before. He said Debo, who was given to him by a friend, has a unique colour pattern. Debo has grey eyes, white and brown in colour, half of his face is white, his left eye has a black patch and he has a brown circle on the top of his head.

Quash has posted flyers in the Arima and Tunapuna areas, at the pets shops and veterinarian offices. He is also using social media platforms with the hope that someone sees Debo.

“I believe our family is pretty well known in the area. We had no problems with robberies,” said Quash who was upset that someone would be so boldfaced to jump his fence and steal his puppy.

Anyone with information can contact 328-4599.