Mariah Richards

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As searches continue for 13-year-old Mariah Richards who has been missing since Monday her father yesterday made another appeal to the people who are with her to return her home safely.

Speaking at his Monkey Town, New Grant home yesterday, he pleaded, “Is a young child 13 years. She have she life ahead of her. I just asking them if you all don’t want to drop her back home give her some passage. She could find her way back home wherever she is. She is a Trinidadian she must know how to get back home, give her some passage.

“If you all want to drop her on the highway and call and say she on the highway we okay with that, just don’t harm her and let she come back home because her little brothers, sisters, family friends everybody missing her. Everybody right now in a total mess.”

Richards, 62, a retired fire officer said villagers, family and friends have been searching for her, but they have not gotten any information.

Richards said the only contact they had was on Monday when a man called his wife from a blocked number hours after Mariah went missing. He told her that they had picked up the wrong person and they would return her home that day or the following day. The person called back, but when his wife demanded that they return her home immediately, the call ended.

The Anti-Kidnapping Squad is in contact with the family and he is hoping that the Cyber Crime Unit could also track the call and find his daughter. Her cellphone has been switched off,

Meanwhile, the Hunters Search and Rescue Team led by Vallance Rambarat visited the family yesterday and has joined in the search.

Mariah’s parents believe she left home on Monday to buy bread. Richards went to drop his wife at work so when he got back and did not see her he went searching for her.

He went to the parlour and the grocery they frequent but they had not seen her. Surveillance footage shows Mariah leaving around 8.46 pm and she was last seen heading in the direction of the grocery.

The father says even if his daughter went with them willingly he believes that she is now being held against her will.

Mariah, a Form Two student, was wearing a red dress and a black pair of slippers.

Anyone with information about her whereabouts are asked to call the Tableland Police Station at 656-3430 or 800-TIPS or contact the police at 555, 999,911, or any police station or share the information on the TTPS App.