Senior Counsel Martin Daly

Senior Counsel Martin Daly said it was a “very bad day” for the Opposition United National Congress (UNC).

This was his initial reaction to what happened in the Parliament yesterday.

“They were flat-footed, frustrated and just fulminated because they were trapped by the guidelines that the Speaker issued,” Daly said.

On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Bridgid Annisette-George issued the guidelines for yesterday’s motion which basically allowed for no debate and directed a vote by yes or no.

Daly said that while the guidelines were “very conservative” they were certainly not illegal.

“They left little room to wiggle, but UNC should have thought of all of this before they rushed into this unexplored part of the Constitution,” he said.

He said it was clear that the UNC did not do their research.

“And I believe the Prime Minister described the motion as ‘skimpy” and that it was,” he said.

Daly said the Opposition intended to flesh out their argument during the sitting.

“But they did not understand that they would get trapped by having to read it and leave it there. So it is a very bad day for them,” he said.

“It wasn’t a great day for the country either but it did descend into a certain level of chaos as the end,” he said.

Daly said he could not tell the Opposition how to do their work but thought the move was “hasty”.

“They should have continued to comment on the President’s statement because they’ve gone past what the Prime Minister had to say, the focus now must be on what the President had to say,” he said.

Daly said that the Opposition needed something serious to gain the majority and oust a President.—Renuka Singh