A woman, her mother, and a family friend have admitted to conspiring together to murder her abusive partner in 2006.

Kareen Ramlal, her mother Ramdaye, and their friend Gewan Pardassie pleaded guilty to felony murder, last month. But the State’s evidence against them was only revealed by prosecutors during a virtual hearing before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas, yesterday morning.

According to State prosecutor Ambay Ramkhelawan, the victim, Anil Jadoo, was found dead at his home at Deokiesingh Street, St Augustine, in May 2006.

An autopsy revealed that Jadoo died of severe injuries to his head and a methomyl-based pesticide was found in his bloodstream.

Ramkhelawan stated that when the trio was confronted by police they admitted to their roles in the crime.

Ramlal and her mother allegedly planned to have Jadoo killed after he physically assaulted her during a domestic argument earlier that year.

The mother and daughter enlisted Pardassie, who was also Jadoo’s friend for several years and agreed to pay him $800 for his assistance.

Ramlal’s mother allegedly cooked a meal of stewed goat and rice and poisoned Jadoo’s portion with Lannate pesticide.

Pardassie was given the tainted meal to deliver to Jadoo.

He later told police that Jadoo ate some of the food but refused to finish the meal as he did not like how it tasted.

Pardassie allegedly told police that he waited until Jadoo went to sleep and then hit him several times with a piece of wood he found in the yard.

He disposed of the improvised weapon and went to the Ramlal’s home to tell them what transpired.

After his arrest, Pardassie allegedly took homicide investigators to Jadoo’s home where he pointed out the remainder of the meal that was still in the refrigerator.

The trio was initially charged with Jadoo’s murder but they were allowed to plead guilty to felony murder, late last month.

Under the felony murder rule, the mandatory death penalty for murder is waived in circumstances where the victim died during the commission of a lesser criminal offence.

During the brief hearing, Pardassie’s lawyer Selwyn Mohammed presented a mitigation plea on his behalf. Similar submissions are expected to be made by defence attorneys for the Ramlals before St Clair-Douglas decides the appropriate sentences for the trio, later this month.

The Ramlals are being represented by Ulric Skerritt, Colin Selvon, and Ravi Rajah. Indira Chinebas is appearing alongside Ramkhelawan for the State.