Deokie Mongroo

The daughter of a 74-year-old woman found murdered at her Diamond Village, San Fernando home on Wednesday is appealing with authorities to allow her to return to Trinidad to be with her grieving father and to say her final goodbye to her mother.

Grace Sankar has been living in New Jersey for some 32 years.

Her brother Rohan Mongroo lives in New York and was given an exemption to return.

However, Sankar and her husband said they are getting run-around and conflicting information by the Ministry of National Security.

“I’m begging these people. I just want to be there. I know my mom cannot come back. But please, I just want to be there. This is so hard for me,” Sankar told Guardian Media.

Her husband, Kisraj, said officials in the Ministry of National Security told them there were numerous other nationals trying to return to T&T and had applied months before them.

“She started carrying on oh you not understanding. I said I’m understanding everything you’re saying. Eventually, I had to tell her, if I knew that this lady would have been murdered on Wednesday, maybe I would’ve made the application six months ago. That’s when she hung up the phone on me,” he said.

“I tried my best to plead with them before I started getting back wise to them with the answers they keep giving me.”

He appealed for at least his wife to be allowed to return to her family.

They said they are willing to undertake any health protocols and quarantining set out by officials.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young told Guardian Media he was not aware of their situation and would look into it.

However, he cautiously noted that often times, the full story isn’t divulged by those who wish to return to the country.

On Wednesday, Deokie Mongroo was found dead by her husband Ramejwan at their home after returning from running an errand.

Investigations are ongoing.