Ag DCP Jayson Forde—the Operational Gold Commander for Carnival 2020—is warning citizens against bringing their illegal weapons into Carnival events

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With only two people arrested since the implementation of The Public Health (2019-nCoV)] Regulations, 2020, Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayson Forde says people have been heeding the government’s call to stay inside.

“We are appealing to persons for their and their family’s safety to stay at home to not contract or spread the COVID-19. Keep in mind that the Police Service with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies, our function is to keep Trinidad & Tobago’s citizens safe. If persons do not want to adhere to the rules and regulations put in place, we will arrest them and let the court deal with them,” Forde said.

Regarding reports of non-essential businesses ordering their employees to report for duty, Forde’s advice was: “If you were not under a rock, you would have seen the admonition of government agencies and what is going on around the world where person falling like flies. Your best action is to heed that admonition and stay at home.”