Haspathi Singh plays the drum after receiving a wheelchair from Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal, left and councillor Nicholas Khanhai at her home in Bedessie Trace, Transfer Village, Debe, on Saturday.

While the government continues to hint that an increase in water rates may be around the corner, Debe residents who have been without a pipe-borne supply for weeks want meters installed.

In some cases, residents were left without water for 17 days and are questioning why they continue to pay their bills when the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is not providing a supply.

While a proposal to install meters on residential connections received scepticism from some customers, Barrackpore West Councillor Nicholas Kanhai welcomes the move.

Kanhai said it would benefit members of his electoral district who pay for a supply but rarely receive.

Kanhai spoke to reporters after he and Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal presented a wheelchair to Haspathi Singh at Bedessi Trace, Debe, a community that struggles for a regular supply.

“I think it is about time in the 21st century that we should be considering that residential water meters should be a thing in every single household in Trinidad & Tobago, so you pay for what you use. People should no longer have to pay for a supply that they do not get and pay for water trucking. If they continue at the rate they are going, they will not get any money because they are not providing a supply,” Kanhai said.

As COVID-19 brought changes in daily life, many people began working and schooling at home. It meant more water usage, but Kanhai said even when there is pipe-borne water, it does not last long enough for residents to full up and get their chores done.

Last week, residents in Patiram Trace held a silent protest and got a water supply that evening. However, he said the water woes continue, and the information is that booster stations in some areas broke down.

Kanhai said there are significant reports of leakages, and it was time WASA address their problem of non-revenue water.

“These are challenges that WASA needs to see about as soon as possible and that would significantly assist residents in getting that proper water supply.”