Jearlean John after voting at the School for the Deaf in Cascade yesterday.

Candidates who battled in marginal seats were among those to face the most pressure on Monday’s polling night, but for the big names who failed to hit the mark, what’s going to be their next move? Some say while they may be stepping back, they will not be stepping out of the political arena entirely.

David Nakhid has played at arenas around the world, but the political arena proved to be a challenge for the former national footballer. Chosen by the United National Congress (UNC) to unseat the People’s National Movement (PNM) in Tunapuna, Nakhid has now called foul following the results.

At a press conference on Wednesday at the El Dorado community centre, he said while the recount was ongoing, he remained focused on victory. “Im not looking that far ahead, why we looking that far ahead we are involved in a process that is a democratic process and we will see it through and micromanage this with my campaign manager who has never left my side.”

It also wasn’t the smooth sailing Winston Gypsy Peters was hoping for on election night. From very early, it was clear that his ship had hit rough waters in what many predicted would be the most fiercely contested marginal seat. With the lyrics to his popular calypso, “sinking ship” resonating, has the time now come for the extempo king to abandon ship? “I will keep on doing exactly what I was doing all the time, sing my songs, write my songs and continue to travel the world and sing.”

Peters, who said he remained a life member of the PNM added he was satisfied with Monday’s results and even as a recount is ongoing in the marginal seat of La Horquetta/Talparo, the UNC’s candidate Jearlean John has not taken her sights off serving residents.

“At this point right after a very tough campaign you take a little time to reflect but it doesn’t mean I will withdraw from this country that I love so much a country which has been so much and I am not going to withdraw.”

Meanwhile, Jason Williams, who lost the race for Barataria/San Juan to the UNC’s Saddam Hosein kept his cards close to his chest on Monday when asked about his future.

“I really need to unwind, watch the sunset and then I’d take it from there so I don’t really want to give a particular proclamation just yet.”