Robert Soogrim

Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

Investigators probing the death of popular Central businessman and pharmacist of the Fit for Life Pharmacy in Chase Village, Robert Soogrim had their investigations delayed as the autopsy was not conducted yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, in St James. The failure was not disclosed to family members nor investigating officers, however, an assurance was given by officials of the centre that the autopsy will be conducted today. Soogrim, 55, a father of two, was found dead by a close male relative on the third floor of the home, located upstairs the pharmacy along the Old Southern Main Road.A ccording to police sources, a note was found, however, it was not believed to have been written by Soogrim, which led police to strongly suspect that the businessman could have been killed possibly by someone he knew. However, over the years, police said, Soogrim was a victim of several armed robberies either while in his business place or close to his business place where he also resided. Police said Soogrim was badly beaten many times before and his life threatened. He also lodged many reports of violence, threats, break ins and robberies to the Chaguanas and Freeport Police Stations over the years. Soogrim was the father of two, and was described as a very “comical and jolly” man who loved to make people laugh, especially his customers at the pharmacy. He was a senior minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a Pentecostacl church in the area and well loved by the community.