Relatives of deceased people waiting for autopsies to be done at the Forensic Science Centre, St James, yesterday.

Delays at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James have left relatives already grieving for their loved ones even more frustrated.

Sohan Lal, the uncle of 32-year-old Anil Ramsingh, told Guardian Media yesterday that he had been going to the facility since Monday hoping for an autopsy to be done on Ramsingh’s body. However, he said after hours of waiting every day he was turned away, including yesterday.

“I came here on Monday, Wednesday and today (Thursday) and I still don’t know when they will do the autopsy,” Lal said. “On Wednesday they said they had issues with electricity and they told us we would have to come back again today, I here but I don’t know what will happen.”

Lal said the faces of most of the other people waiting for their relatives’ autopsies had become familiar to him.

“Is the same people coming every day, it is very hard to have to keep coming here and waiting for hours only to get turned away.”

Lal said he only found out about his nephew’s death last week after he was called by a relative in the United States and told that Ramsingh’s body was lying in the mortuary unclaimed.

He said Ramsingh was a quiet person who was working and living on a farm. He said Ramsingh’s parents were both deceased, so funeral arrangements were being done by him and his family. Relatives of Nicholas Seemungal, 17, Kadeem Isaac, 21 and Tajniar Charles, 22, the three men killed by police during a shootout in Santa Cruz on Monday, were also present yesterday. One female relative who asked not be identified said the family was fed up of not being told when the autopsies would be done.

“People frustrated, we done in distress already, they just have we out here and not giving we any information, they just watching you like you crazy. You done have to be going through a loss already, is like where the good customer service down here, it have none of that,” she said. Guardian Media reached out to National Security Minister Stuart Young, under whose purview the Forensic Science Centre falls, via phone and WhatsApp messages for comment on the complaints. But up until news time yesterday, Young did not respond.