Customers wait in line at a Lotto booth in MovieTowne, Invaders Bay, yesterday.

Carisa Lee

According to the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), almost every Christmas someone wins the Lotto Plus jackpot, a trend that unfortunately did not continue in 2020, causing the total to roll over to $10.6 million.

The last time someone won the jackpot was on November 21 when it was approximately $3 million.

The NLCB said when the pool reaches double digits more people play.

That’s exactly what Stacey Neckles did yesterday. She revealed that she lost her job in 2020 as a preschool teacher because of the pandemic and decided to play, hoping to reverse her misfortune.

Neckles said if she won she would buy a home, pay off all debts and start a business.

When the former preschool teacher reached the booth she didn’t even know the price of a ticket but was determined to take a chance.

A lotto ticket costs $5 but many people bought more than one. While some let the machine pick for them (Quick Pick) others believed they knew the winning numbers.

Apart from the regular players, economist Dr Roger Hosein said the pandemic caused people to invest in hopes of winning big.

“Because of the economic situation in particular post-COVID and the poverty levels amongst some groups and the increase in unemployment. You have to sympathise with people who would take a chance and bail themselves out,” he said.

However, he said when the jackpot reaches double digits there is no particular class that plays.

“I have even known some religious people as the size of the winnings potentially increase they forget their basic beliefs,” he said.

Dr Hosein revealed that he too took a chance.

Last night’s winning numbers were: 4, 5, 9, 10, 18 and Powerball 7.