A screen grab of the video of an apparent party at the THA’s Finance Division last Friday.

Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis has condemned the persons who breached COVID-19 rules at an event held by a THA Division last Friday.

In a follow-up message to Guardian Media on the issue, Dennis confirmed that the event took place at the Division of Finance. However, he said it was not a party.

Despite this, he said, “The actions and activities that I saw in that video were very unnecessary and irresponsible, especially on the part of public servants.

“We have been asking this country, this population, to wear a mask to social distance and to not engage in any kind of activity that could cause this virus to spread. Based on what I saw in that video …it creates the perfect environment …for COVID-19 to wreak havoc.”

He said the behaviour of the individuals in the video could jeopardise lives, the health care system and the economy.

He also said he was “disappointed” in the persons’ actions and again called on “Tobagonians to resist the temptation to engage in those kinds of activities.”

He ended the voice note by saying, “I am asking people to be more responsible and not engage in the kind of dotishness that all of us saw in that video.”

The situation came to light last Friday when an approximately two-minute video was posted on social media showing scores of people gathered in an office setting, dancing as they sang nursery rhymes. Many of them were without masks and were near to each other in clear breach of COVID protocols.

According to the Government’s coronavirus regulations, crowd sizes should be 10 or less and people should social distance and wear masks in a public place.