Former president of the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago Dhano Sookoo.

Dhano Sookoo, former President of the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago who was defeated for the position of President by Darryl Rampersad on Sunday says it is now time for her to relaxand she has no plans to work with the new executive.

Speaking at her Sangre Grande home she said, “I am very relaxed. I cannot recall the last day I was sitting still in my casual clothes in my veranda after 10 am enjoying the Atlantic breeze, I am feeling so free.”

After more than a decade at the helm of ASTT Sookoo was voted out. But she questioned the independence of those leading the society.

“I am no longer carrying the burdens of the farmers and agriculture sector on my shoulders but it is with someone else shoulder, a new team who claims to have the full support of the Minister of Agriculture and the PNM. In fact they boasted about the financing of the election by the PNM on Sunday. So I look today with the brightness of the sun and a new day and new opportunities for me to continue the many things I have been doing long before being President of ASTT.”

Sookoo said she has no intention to interfere with the operations of the new executive and will not be assisting even if asked.

“NO! I will not,” she said.

She added she has always been keen to encourage young farmers and groom them to take over leadership of the ASTT, but Sookoo said she is disappointed that some have “sold their integrity for two

pieces of silver.”

Dhanoo Sookoo added in 2019 and 2020 she served the office as president with absolutely no money paid to her.

“For me, I did all the work without any promise of money. Money was never a driving force for the performance of my duties.”

Sookoo said she intends to enjoy her freedom and return to her career as an exporter of products.

But she said she still has the best interest of farmers at heart since they are “like family” to her.

for those who voted her team out of office, she issued a warning, “There is an old saying ‘you know what you have but don’t know what going to get’.