Nalini Dial

Politician and activist Nalini Dial says the proposed Procurement Bill has loopholes for corruption and unaccountability of public funds spending.

In a release , Dial said “I feel compelled to have my say on this very concerning matter of the recently amended Procurement Bill which was passed back in 2014, by both the UNC Government and the PNM Opposition, in its original context, without need for any amendments at that time.

“As a politician and a citizen, who has always stood up for integrity in public life, and for fair and honest politics, I am very shocked and disturbed by the recent passing of this particular bill, and the ramifications that I foresee are possible if and when, it is proclaimed.

“Nothing has troubled me more since after the results of the recently held general election. I was prepared for either of the two major parties winning.

“There was no surprise for me. But today I must admit that I am completely confused and even dismayed, that this long-awaited bill has been passed, with what I believe to be loopholes for corruption and unaccountability of spending, of the public funds.”

She said that it was no secret that the country was seen as a very corrupt one, citizens were very aware of numerous instances of corruption, by all governments thus far, and those in high office.

Dial said worse yet, no one was brought to account. T&T was very high up on the International Corruption Index, something that citizens should not be proud of, even this present Government which reminded the public daily of how corrupt the last UNC government was.

She said people were still waiting on the proof and on justice to be served if this was so.

Dial said it amazed her that any government would seek to cast doubt in people’s minds as to why they sought to make these questionable changes.

She said the reasons offered by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley were not convincing enough to her, and also a whole section of the population.

Dial said many had voiced their disagreement and concern vociferously, would have thought that the Prime Minister and his government would want to build trust and confidence in their handling of the public purse. She said instead there was now more distrust and they were under the microscope once more.