Amnjemile Webb looks at her windshield hat was damaged when a tree branch fell on it during the heavy winds on Thursday night, at Factory Road, Diego Martin.

Caria Lee

Diego Martin Regional Corporation chairman Sigler Jack said up to press time yesterday, he was unable to give a tally of how many homes were damaged due to Thursday night’s thunderstorm.

“The whole region is covered except Carenage,” he said.

He said reports kept coming as the rainy and windy weather conditions persisted.

Yesterday’s reports indicated that there was damage in Paramin, Santa Cruz and Diego Martin. Fallen trees were reported on the Diego Martin Highway and in Bagatelle, while roofs were blown off in Paramin, Santa Cruz and Diego Martin.

In Factory Road, Diego Martin, Njemile Webb, a single mother of five, said when the branches from a tree above her house started falling, all she could have done was grab her baby and go under the bed.

“Something come crashing down, the baby was on the bed, I was in a state of shock,” she said.

A branch also pierced the windshield of her car. Webb said she called the Diego Martin Regional Corporation to cut the tree over a month ago, but they never came.

“This just added to what I’ve been going through. I just trying to cope, I trying not to break down,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Webb revealed that she was a domestic violence survivor and yesterday’s disaster was something she did not need at this time. She broke down in tears when it started raining again.

“Right now I starting to get worried because I would lose my items that I would have accomplished over the years that right now with COVID, it hard to get them back. I don’t know what will happen, I don’t have anywhere to go tonight so I don’t know where me and my children will go,” she said.

Trees also fell on a roof next door where a family of 14 reside.

Verna Kennedy and her son Jerrold said yesterday’s weather event was the worse they had experienced in the years they lived in Factory Road.

They told Guardian Media that they applied for Self Help to repair the roof and they know about the process but questioned what happens in the meantime.

“Rain is falling now. There are people without roofs all over the valley and we have to wait and there is a big hole in my roof, what we going and do?” Jerrold said, adding one of his children narrowly escaped injury after a branch pierced part of the roof over her bed.

Over in Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin, one family lost two roofs during the storm. Diane DeFreitas said all she did was close her eyes and pray for the winds to subside. She saw the damage when the sun came up.

“The beds wet, the roof gone, wood fall down, the place in a mess,” she said.

DeFreitas said she has no money for repairs and hopes for some assistance.

“I beg God that he will bless us some way for us to get back some things,” she said.

Across the hill, Veronica Noel and her family lost part of their roof. They applied for assistance to fix it months ago but the storm came before the cheque.

Noel said they were still traumatised.

“The galvanise just start to rip off, the roof just start to rip and I hear galvanise flying outside and by the time I run out here, is because this whole roof done gone…one of my grandchildren run outside I had to call him back inside because he get so frighten,” she said.

Anyone wishing to help those affected can contact Webb at 347-5707, DeFreitas at 375-6256 and Noel at 394-7719.