A disabled man and his common-law wife from Central Trinidad have been bonded after admitting to possession of a small quantity of cocaine.

Anthony McAllister and Sparkle Peters, of Waterloo Road, Carapichaima, were placed on a bond to keep the peace for three years after pleading guilty to the offence as they appeared virtually before Magistrate Adrian Darmanie, yesterday.

Presenting mitigation pleas on the couple’s behalf, their lawyer Bhimal Maharajh claimed that McAllister, 40, who is unemployed and receives a disability grant from the State after shattering his heel from falling off a water tank in 2016, uses the drug for significant pain he still suffers.

He also claimed that McAllister uses it to alleviate the stress he endures from supporting his four children he has with four women including Peters. Maharajh also admitted that McAllister was charged for the same offence before.

Darmanie questioned how McAllister purchased the drugs.

“So you using taxpayers’ money to buy cocaine?” Darmanie said.

Maharajh asked Darmanie to be lenient as the couple did not waste judicial time by pleading guilty to the charge at their first opportunity.

Darmanie agreed to place them on the bond and ordered that the drugs be destroyed.

The 5.1 grammes of cocaine was found by police officers after they executed a search warrant at the couple’s home, earlier this week.