As I look at events playing out over the last few days it has become abundantly clear that in Trinidad and Tobago respect for each other whether leaders, those in authority, and the public in general has gone through the window for some.

Many of us have become arrogant and disrespectful in dealing with matters concerning us and that in my opinion is now the order of the day.

It is no big thing to curse each other and become abusive, forgetting all the professionalism which we so often claim. Social media has become an avenue where we spit out venom and hate to our brothers and sisters with no remorse.

I am appealing to everyone, young and old, if we continue down this road that we are going, the end result will be the destruction of our society.

While I am not wishing for this we are setting u a stage for future generations who are taking note of what is happening.

We will not be able to correct them or advise on matters when they see those who call themselves professionals behaving in the most despicable manner.

I appeal to all especially those who hold positions of authority or who society looks up to, to be more aware of the way you carry about yourself in the public.

Also, remember that you are on center stage because of your standing in society it is important that you be an exemplar in what you say and do.

I am well aware that at times we can all fall short, but when it becomes a way of life, we need to check ourselves.

Let us work together in building a better society. We all have a role to play.

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan

via email