The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) says customers in the Williamsville area are currently experiencing a disruption in their water supply because of a damaged pipeline. The following is a press release from WASA:

The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) advises customers in the Williamsville area, who are presently experiencing a disruption in their pipe borne water supply that this is due to a damaged 8-inch diameter pipeline, in the area of the landslip, along Old Piparo Road, Williamsville.

The required repairs to the pipeline, which cannot commence before the Ministry of Works and Transport finishes rehabilitation of the affected roadway, are expected to be completed on Tuesday 28th September, 2021.

Areas that will be affected include: Old Piparo Road, Riversdale, Ecclesville, Mapepire Road, Esmeralda Road and parts of Guaracara Tabaquite Road Williamsville. Customers are further advised that it may take up to 48 hours for the scheduled pipe borne water supply to normalize to some areas following the completion of the repair works.

A limited truck borne service will be available upon request. For further information or assistance, customers can also contact WASA’s Customer Call Centre toll free at 800-4420/26. The Authority apologizes for any inconvenience caused and thanks customers for their patience and understanding.