Ornella Boodoo shows the variety of sweets she made for Divali.

Central-resident Ornella Boodoo is among many who are facing toned-down Divali celebrations tomorrow.

Boodoo of Freeport spent her day yesterday preparing for a very small and intimate celebration with her household, by preparing an array of sweet delicacies including Kurma, Gulab Jamun, Laddus and Barfi.

During the making of the sweets or Mithai, Boodoo explained to Guardian Media the significance of the preparation of the sweets.

“The sweets are loved by the gods. Kurma and Gulab Jamun and Laddhu originated in India and it was passed on. For instance, the Laddhu is the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesh and as it is Divali time, Mother Lakshmi’s favourite is sweet rice. These sweets are offered to the gods during our Divali prayers and then shared among our family and friends.”

Asked how has the current COVID-19 pandemic affected her Divali celebrations, Boodoo replied, “It’s not that grand as previous years where it would have the Divali Nagar and big lighting up in the communities so it’s a bit sad and dim because of the restrictions but we have to make it to. The most important thing on Divali day for me will be my special prayers.”

She added, “I would have liked to have a big celebration with deyas and the full works of having friends over and doing charity work but with the restrictions makes it difficult for me this year,” she added.

Boodoo said her celebration will begin with evening prayers and the offering up of sweets to Mother Lakshmi.

“I will light a few deyas around the house and then a dinner with the few of us at home until next year Divali, hopefully when there will be no restrictions and we can celebrate in a big way. To all Shubh Divali from me and my household!”