Kazin Ali Jr.

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An administrative blunder caused the postponement of the funeral of Kazim Ali Jr, one of four divers killed in Friday’s tragic mishap at Paria’s Berth No 6 seabed pipeline.

Ali Jr, fondly known as Bean, is the son of Kazim Ali Snr, the owner of LMCS, the company contracted by Paria to do the underwater maintenance works on the 30-inch diameter pipeline.

Ali Jr had been capturing footage of the pipeline when tragedy struck.

His loved ones were prepared to say their final goodbyes at 1 pm yesterday, but one hour before the funeral, the family was issued a notice saying the funeral has been postponed.

The family had requested the funeral to be a private affair, a request which Guardian Media has abided by.

When news circulated via a message online, however, CNC3 news cameraman Ivan Toolsie contacted relatives, who revealed that certain information was missing from the death certificate, which resulted in the postponement of the funeral.

Meanwhile, Afeisha Henry, the sister of Yusuff Henry, another diver, also had difficulties in organising the death certificate. Henry was at the office of attorney Prakash Ramadhar yesterday.

“She is from Sangre Grande and for the registration of the death, they told her to go Penal. But I think it is San Fernando she has to go to register the death. They should not have to be running around with this. They should have appointed a liaison officer to help the families with these arrangements,” Ramadhar said.

A visibly distraught Henry added, “And none of the phones is working, so you cannot even call to find out anything about where to go to register.”

Vanessa Kussie, the wife of the other diver, Rishi Nagassar, said she has not confirmed any funeral arrangement as yet.

She said she will be going to register the death on Monday and she hopes there will be no problems.