Councillor for Reform / Manahambre Chris Hosein has lashed out at the Government for their apparent dormancy in the wake of yesterday’s flooding saying that this has become their typical response.

In a statement issued yesterday Hosein described the flooding in communities across his district on Monday as some of the worst to date.

Councillor Hosein lamented the fact that this riverine flooding is something that the people in these areas have now sadly come to expect and they are traumatized every time there are signs of rain.

Councillor Hosein reiterated the numerous requests made to the Ministry of Works and Transport to have the Guaracara River properly cleaned and according to him to date, satisfactory work has not been done.

He also noted the absence of relevant state agencies during and in the aftermath of the floods.

“They were not proactive by clearing watercourses; they were not reactive by responding to the flooding, they are simply inactive.”

According to Hosein, flood victims are still awaiting relief grants from the government since 2017 and they are constantly given a raw deal by the government.

“These are people who pay taxes like anybody else. Why does the government continue to neglect the people in these areas?”

He has called on the government to have a heart for the people affected and do what must be done to ensure this problem does not persist.