Students of Pentecostal Light and Life Foundation High School during class on Monday

The Education Minister says concerns about reports that some students across select schools can only access their classrooms after purchasing masks with the school’s logo must be addressed at a school level.

Speaking with Guardian Media on Thursday, Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly confirmed that she was in contact with at least one school principal over the matter.

Following the phased reopening of schools on Monday for students from Forms 4 to 6, it was reported that principals at some secondary schools were instructing students to purchase masks or not be admitted onto the compound.

Minister Gadsby-Dolly explained that the matter was one of “uniformity” and issues among parents and students can be resolved without ministerial intervention.

She said, “Schools have administration and principals deal with uniforms, the principal I spoke to indicated he spoke to, a long time ago, to parents, with regards to what the uniformity would be expected with respect to masks and that, of course, is to prevent children coming to school with marijuana masks or a mask with different things that may not be palatable for the school environment.”

Meanwhile, the Minister said no major hiccups have so far been reported following the resumption of in-person classes.

“Generally we have had no complaints, we’ve been in contact with TTUTA and so on just to make sure we are on the same playing field and we have had no indication from any schools of any difficulties, schools are running and adhering to their protocols, they have things in place.”

Minister Gadsby-Dolly also said the hybrid model, a mixture between online and physical learning has so far had little teething issues.

Students have been confined to home-based learning following the spread of the COVID 19 last year in this country.