When Dana Browne (not real name) survived years of domestic violence, all she wanted to do was create a safe space for battered women and children having the first-hand experience.

It was how she formed the NGO—Victims In the Dark to provide a shelter for women and children affected by domestic violence.

Since its establishment in 2014, the NGO has been able to help domestic violence victims and survivors through its own pocket and by various fundraising activities.

But its director, Keltus DeFour, said, steady financial support was needed to materialise the vision of the NGO’s founder.

In an interview with De Four, he said the NGO recently began a GoFundme campaign to raise funds to better offer the practical support victims needed.

“We have land and we would like to utilise it to build a shelter to house these victims where we have a team in place to provide them with different services such as medical attention, legal advice, security, counselling, self-defence classes, education, job placement opportunities, food and clothing,” DeFour explained.

He disclosed the NGO took the route of a GoFundme campaign after several failed attempts to gain assistance from various Government Ministries.

Responding to what he felt was lacking currently to adequately assist victims of domestic violence, DeFour said victims needed a clean escape.

“We need to put an emergency system in place that victims have immediate access to, that is stable enough to prevent them from returning to their abusers because of economic situations. Once that is in place, vulnerable woman who has no family support would be able to make better decisions for themselves as well as their children,” he related.

DeFour said a Facebook page was also created in the NGO’s name to raise awareness and to provide online support to anyone seeking help on the issue of domestic violence.

Aside from its GoFundme platform, anyone wishing to assist the NGO can visit its Facebook page or contact them via WhatsApp on 340-0127.