Retired PC Carl Maxima

Donations to the Go-Fund-Me campaign which began three days ago to raise $40,000 to help retired Police Constable Carl Maxima purchase a prosthetic leg have been slowly coming in.

As of 4 pm yesterday, Maxima had received $295 US in donations- a far cry from the $6,100 US he needs.

His relative, Delicia Edwards, who started the campaign told Guardian Media Maxima has been asking whether the fundraiser was successful.

“He is doing okay but he asked me for an update on the fundraiser and because I don’t want him to be discouraged, I told him I will let him know soon,” Edwards said.

Maxima, 69, lost his right leg due to complications with diabetes in 2019. At the time, Maxima was grieving the deaths of his daughter, Carla and her two children, Kamari and Amani.

The three were killed when an errant driver slammed into their vehicle at the intersection of Mausica Road and the Priority Bus Route. The driver has since been charged with causing their deaths.

In an interview at his home on Tuesday, Maxima admitted to turning to alcohol when he was unable to cope with the loss. He was unaware he was suffering from diabetes and said his excessive drinking worsened the disease.

Anyone wishing to assist Maxima can contact him at 386-9754 or donate to his Go-Fund-Me account, titled ‘Help Mr Maxima obtain his prosthetic leg.’