You may have noticed that the messages you are sending via WhatsApp are not going through. Well, it’s not only happening to you. WhatsApp, Instagram Facebook and Messenger are down all around the world.

According to reports, Instagram is showing a server error “5xx Server Error” while Facebook also has an error for users trying to login.

Downdetector on Twitter said users reports indicate the social media platforms all went down just after 1:30 pm today.

Many people have taken to Twitter to express their frustration as WhatsApp trends on the platform.

One person tweeted, “When Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook went down, I rebooted my phone 5 times before I understood what was going on.”

While another wrote, “RUNNING BACK TO WHATSAPPHad a good time w twitter, will stay in touch.”

Globally more than two billion people use WhatApp and almost three billion use Facebook.