Anthony Williams.

Police are investigating a double murder and wounding with intent at Arouca during the early hours of Saturday morning.

The deceased men have been identified as Chris Williams alias “Bellies”, of 21 Sparrow Drive, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca and Anthony Williams of the same address.

A 17-year-old girl, also from Sparrow Drive, was shot and wounded in the right ankle.

According to a police report, at about 2:40 am officers responded to a shooting at Sparrow Drive where they found Chris lying in blood in one bedroom while Anthony was discovered in another bedroom. The female victim was also found bleeding at the house.

All three were taken to the Arima Hospital, where the men were pronounced dead. The teenager was treated.

The girl’s mother said that around 2.35 am she was awakened by noises coming from outside the home. On checking, she saw Chris preparing dog food and she returned to the bedroom. Shortly after, she heard him shouting “gunmen”, “gunmen” and saw him running back into the room. A gunman dressed in black and wearing a ski mask shot him several times about the body.

The woman said she heard several more gunshots coming from the room on the south-western side where Anthony was asleep.

A second gunman entered the room and shot Chris several times about the body.

A motive is yet to be established for the killings.

Aldwin Williams, the father of the two murdered men told the Sunday Guardian at the house where they were killed that he was grieving Anthony’s death. However, he said he was neither sad nor shocked that his next son, Chris was killed as he was involved in underworld activities.

“Chris is a gangster and gave me real problems. He run me from this house and it is two years I didn’t come here. Everything that I owned in the house he took over and he run me. He go in jail and come out.”

He described his next son as a loving child and said he will be missed.

“Anthony was nice too bad. Anything I asked him to do for me he would do. I’ll really miss him.

Point Fortin man gunned down

Meanwhile, a Point Fortin man was murdered at his home on Friday

The deceased was identified as Evril Jeffrey, 52, of 17th Street, Techier Village. Jeffrey was a Logistic Officer at Atlantic LNG.

According to a police report, at about 4:20 pm Jeffrey was in the yard at his home which is under construction when he was approached by a gunman dressed in a brown coverall with orange stripes. He was shot several times about the body. The gunman then ran off.

Jeffrey was taken to the Point Fortin Hospital and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.

A motive is also yet to be established for the killing.