The T&T Chapter of Disabled Peoples’ International (TT/DPI) says the organisation is taking a very active interest in the various political parties’ election campaign 2020 in the build-up to the general election on August 10.

The organisation noted in a statement yesterday that for general information, Disabled People’s International (DPI) was the world’s first successful cross-disability organisation established with the express purpose of converting the talk about full and equal participation of persons with disabilities into action.

It said up to today, 39 years after it was formed, the DPI continues to be the world’s only cross-disability Global Disabled People’s Organisation (DPO).

The statement said DPI’s goal, throughout the world, is to achieve full participation of all persons with disabilities in the mainstream of life, through promotion and protection of their human rights.

The Motto of the DPI is “Vox Nostra”–a Voice of Our Own and our catchword is Nothing about Us without Us.

The local arm of the DPI is the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of Disabled Peoples’ International (TT/DPI) which was established in June 1985.

The organisation also noted that it was actively engaged in advocating for equal rights of persons with disabilities with emphasis in the following areas: health, education, housing, transportation, employment, recreational facilities.

“We are closely monitoring the public announcements coming from the various political parties on the plans and policies contained in their Manifesto to promote the equalisation of opportunities and improving the quality of lives for persons with disabilities in Trinidad and Tobago, it said.