Dr Vanus James, as he appeared on a PDP platform on Monday night.

Tobago economics and political analyst, Dr. Vanus James, is making it clear that he is not a member of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP).

The disclaimer comes after he mounted the PDP platform on Monday night, citing an incident involving a PNM organizer facing unemployment, because she had switched allegiances to the PDP.

He said the PDP had extended an invitation to him before, and he felt compelled to address the issue publicly on any platform.

“Of course, I could not go on a PNM platform and discuss this.  It had to be a platform opposed to the PNM,” he explained.  “I had to speak out against the injustice of having one’s vote tied to one’s employment, but I am no PDP. I am about Tobago’s business,” he told Guardian Media.

In 2013, the mathematical economist also appeared on a People’s National Movement (PNM) platform in the Mason Hall/ Moriah electoral district.

He spoke out then against the leader of the Tobago Organization of the People (TOP), Ashworth Jack.

“Jack decided to join with the United National Congress to fight the election on Tobago’s behalf. I saw that as wrong, so I spoke on the PNM platform,” Dr James said.

He added: “As a Tobagonian, I feel compelled to talk about issues affecting Tobago. I will talk to Kwesi Des Vignes if he wants to talk.”

Des Vignes is responsible for the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP), where the alleged employment issue is said to have occurred, last Wednesday.

Des Vignes promised to have the matter investigated.

“Rest assured a full investigation will be done into the matter once the information is forthcoming,” Des Vignes told Guardian Media.

Guardian Media understands the woman involved in the incident was an organizer in the PNM’s Tobago East campaign.

She allegedly joined the PDP, taking with her some PNM supporters.

Contacted on the alleged incident, Ayanna Webster-Roy, Tobago East candidate, said she has no organizers.

“My campaign manager is Mr. Wendell Berkley, and assistant campaign manager is Kamau Akili, ” she said.

Guardian Media understands the woman remains on the job.