Dr Kris Rampersad

Dr Kris Rampersad, independent scholar and multimedia educator, content creator and producer will premiere and pioneer a new literary genre on Commonwealth Day, tomorrow, which is also International Women’s Day.

Dr Rampersad has named the genre the ‘multimedia micro epic’. It is represented in her independent short film, One Night To Bloom, a biopic of her journey from village through journalism, education and civic empowerment. The film is being screened at her session ‘Globalisation in Reverse’ at Interchange21, an online forum of Commonwealth scholars hosted by the British Council for the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. The film features the music of Oliver Chapman and Randolph Karamath.

“This newly defined genre integrates new multimedia forms, tools and techniques into the classical epic genre, which has been attributed in western discourse as originating in Greece,” she explains on her website, GloCal Knowledge Pot (www.krisrampersad.com).

“With Ma as my muse, it champions other invisible, marginalised women, peoples, cultures and heritage of our times which scientists have branded as the Anthropocene, the epoch of human dominance.”

It spotlights Dr Rampersad’s engagement with pernicious problems of girls’ education, terrorism, violence, censorship, global travel, media, diversity, health, environment, governance, intercultural and international relations and small island states within the context of the evolution of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Rampersad, who began her journalism career at Guardian Media, is a national gold award recipient for the development of women and journalism, holds a PhD and BA First Class Honours in Literature from the University of the West Indies and fellowships and scholarships to Cambridge University, the Association of Commonwealth University and Indian Institute of Mass Communication among other recognitions “The ’One Night to Bloom’ biopic represents one of the many forms in which I will lay out the new multimedia micro epic genre – through fiction and non-fiction, rhymes, children’s fables, short stories, documentary, musicals. It snapshots my story and journey aligned to global issues.

“The pandemic might have sent the world into panic, but in breaking down old and archaic structures and mechanisms, many of which have outgrown their usefulness to contemporary challenges, it is also testing us to innovate, invent and adapt.”