Dr. Lall Sawh speaks during an interview with GML at the Southern Medical Clinic in San Fernando yesterday.

The racially charged and derogatory statements made by Dr Avinash Sawh are now affecting Urological Surgeon Dr Lall Sawh and his two sons who are practising medical professionals.

Speaking to the Trinidad Guardian from his office at Southern Medical Private Hospital in San Fernando, Dr Lall R Sawh made it clear that he is not in no way related to the Dr Avinash Sawh.

Since the audio recordings went viral Dr Lall R Sawh said he has been attacked innocently and has been enduring claims that he was related to the doctor.

“I wish to reply to posts on social media allegedly made by on Avinash Sawh, Firstly let me strongly indicate to my patients and the public at large that I, Lall R Sawh is not related, in any way, to the individual, Avinash Sawh. Nor he is my son!”, Dr Sawh said.

He added, “his rants have caused my sons and I, personal attacks from those who don’t know us well enough. My sons are both abroad practising, one is urologist like myself and the other a dentist, so I emphatically state that he is not my son and I, therefore, wish to defend myself and my untarnished 40-year reputation as a Specialist Urologist and also that of my sons. My work and career speak for itself, we don’t have any association with this gentleman, I am sorry to use the word gentleman. I have operated on every person in every walk of life from Prime Ministers to Governor Generals, President’s even a vagrant and I have never noticed a single difference in their anatomy inside the human body whether African, India Chinese or whatever race”.

Dr Lall R Sawh said he laments that the other doctor’s utterances have tarnished the medical profession and he believes he is no longer worthy to carry the title of doctor.

Dr Lall R Sawh added, “I could not help recalling the words of a famous philosopher who said “those whom the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” I will quote from Khafra Kambon as he so well said, “medicine and racism is a toxic mix”.

He added he hopes the medical board rids the fraternity of an individual who would make such racist remarks.