Thoracic Medical Director at the Caura Hospital, Dr Michelle Trotman, says COVID-19 patients coming into the parallel health care system are coming in more ill and are taking much longer to recover.

She was speaking at the Prime Minister’s press conference on Friday afternoon.
Trotman says what is concerning is learning the history of these patients.

“When they come to us, we are finding out what we do not want to hear- that many of them were involved in parties, gatherings, in situations where at work, they would have been in the cafeteria eating without masks and then staying to congregate,” Trotman said.

She said when patients are very ill, they volunteer more information than when they are doing well because they are frightened.
She appealed to the population to adhere to the public health regulations, as she said younger patients are being hospitalized every day.

Reporter: Sharlene Rampersad