A 34-year-old Belmont man was shot and wounded while walking in the Belmont area on Thursday, in what is being described as a drive-by shooting.

According to a police report, at about 5:30 pm, the victim was walking along Argyle Street in Belmont when a vehicle approached him, and its occupants opened fire on him. The car then sped off.

The victim reportedly was shot the left thigh and groin.  He was taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, residents and commuters travelling in and out of East Port-of-Spain and Belmont are being asked to exercise caution, as police suspect an upsurge in gang-related shootings in the area.

At about 11 am on Tuesday June 8th, police received information that two rival gangs were engaged in a gunfight along Oxford Street.  However, no one was injured, nor was anyone killed.

The Police Service confirmed that a party of officers carried out searches after the shooting but was unsuccessful in making any arrests.

The TTPS is advising people wishing to visit the area, or those passing through, to be vigilant and to contact the police immediately if there are any unusual sightings of gun-toting men, or gatherings at any street corner or planning development.

The Police Service also is giving assurances that mobile patrols will be increased, in a bid to quell the upsurge in crime and gang-related activities.