Vehicles drive through the winter wonderland section at the drive-through Christmas Village attraction at Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba, on Sunday.

Sascha Wilson

Lit up with over a million bulbs, Drivin Home for Christmas, a drive-through light show, was officially opened on Sunday at the Brian Lara Stadium in Tarouba.

Designed specifically to create a safe environment for families during the Christmas holidays, this is the second time Jinx Entertainment Ltd is hosting the event.

Last year, it was held at the San Fernando Hill, but due to the “insane” traffic congestion, the organisers have moved the show to the stadium where they believe there would be a smoother traffic flow.

Director Sean Lyons explained that they initially wanted to have a walk-through village with vendors and other activities, but they decided to convert it into a drive-through due to the pandemic.

He said, “We started this show as a way to bring a COVID safe environment while still having an event because last year when COVID was very rampant, well it is again this year, there was nothing going on. There were no events going on. People were kind of broken, spirits were broken. We just wanted to lift their mood, given people something to do for the holidays with their families. Just bring Christmas cheer, spread Christmas cheer and joy.”

Giving an idea of what patrons could expect on the journey of spectacular lights, he said they would pass through the gift box-shaped entrance onto the Christmas tree village which is lined with 150 tresses with multi-coloured bulbs.

Patrons would then enter Candy Cane Lane, then Santa’s Workshop with a creche, reindeers, Santa, and a multi-coloured tunnel.

They also included a Trini Christmas theme section with red and white lights, the national flag and live entertainment.

The final section is Winter Wonderland with blue and white lights and the floor is covered in white to represent snow.

Explaining they have paired with an Act of Kindness, an orphanage, Lyons said, “On some nights we are actually going to have a toy drive so we are going to let patrons bring any brand new toy, of any value, and once you bring that you come inside for $20 flat.”

Noting that they are also affiliated with Jeffrey & Taco and Animal Alive, he said 20 per cent of the proceeds would go towards the charities while the remainder would be used to fund the event.

“We just hope everyone has a great time. We hope everyone can enjoy the Christmas spirit. We know that we are kind of at a low point with COVID being so rampant right now. We know there are not many COVID safe events out there. We know times are pretty hard at the moment. So we just hope that people come out with their families, remain in their vehicles, maintain a COVID safe environment and just enjoy themselves,” Lyons said.

The entrance fee is based on the size of the vehicles, five-seater vehicles are $60, seven-seater vehicles are $80 while the fee for maxis, any size, is $120.