Principal of TML San Fernando during a drive-through gradution awarding one of the school’s top students.

Graduation brings closure after a long tenure of academia, giving children a sense of accomplishment as they prepare for a new stage of their lives.

But while COVID-19 robbed many students of this joy, the principal and staff of San Fernando TML Primary School made sure that their graduates went off with the usual pomp and fanfare.

Against the odds, school principal Wahida Mohammed-Narine and her staff organized drive-through graduation for 66 students- the first of its kind to be publicised in the country.

The theme was titled “ Despite All Odds: We Made It.”

The graduation was approved by the Chief Medical Officer of Victoria, Natasha Sookhoo and all COVID-19 protocols were maintained.

Each graduate came into the school with a parent to collect their certificate, token and trophy. Each stayed for three minutes on the compound and followed protocols of sanitization and face masks.

A security guard monitored the entry and exit of each pupil as the drive-through graduation continued between 2 pm to 6 pm on a staggered basis.

Mohammed-Narine commended the students for their determination to succeed saying their journey was one to celebrate.

“What a trying year you have endured. Whoever thought that amidst the COVID-19 we would have been allowed the privilege to honour you today,” she said.

Saying it would have been remiss of the teaching staff to allow students to go off into their next phase without acknowledging their stay at the school, Mohammed-Narine said, “Another history will surely unfold as we come to the end of yet another seven years for the class of 2020.”

She noted that drive-through graduation was an event that they will never forget.

The principal also lauded her students and staff for their commitment to maintaining the high standards of the school.

She said TML San Fernando started its digitalization journey since 2018. With support from well-wishers and staff, Mohammed-Narine upgraded the school’s computer lab and has organized devices for all underprivileged students.

Top Students

Principal’s trophy- Mikkel Acquart

Exemplar- Ameerah Beekhoo

Best Disciplined – Divya Ramdial and Aadam Mohammed

Muslim Women Morals and Values- Sumayyah Khan

Most Improved- Ameera Balladin and Anya Ibrahim

Star Student – Suvan Subance, Liam Carrington

Academic Achievements

Creative Writing- Sveva Bissessar and Vinaaya Dabiesingh

Language Arts- Sheraz Mohammed and Ashley Seepaul

Mathematics- Nikolai Teemul and Sayyid Montilva

Arabic Class

1. Miriam Salim

2. Aabidah Ahmed

3. Aadam Mohammed

4. Sawdah Mohammed Beekhoo

Excellence in Chess

1. Luke Balliram

2. Aradhana Ramnarine Singh