Two of the damaged vehicles involved in the accident by the Piarco traffic lights, yesterday.

An accident at the Piarco traffic lights left several people in hospital yesterday after one driver reportedly broke a red light and barrelled into three oncoming vehicles.

According to reports, around 10 am yesterday, 24-year-old Dereel Wharwood of Production Avenue Sea Lots was heading East along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway when he got into an accident at the Piarco Intersection.

The white Hyundai Accent Wharwood was driving collided with two AD wagons and a Kia pick up truck heading from north to south at the intersection.

Police said the driver of one of the vehicles broke a red light which led to the smashup.

Wharwood and his passengers, Keston Morris, Alicia Oliver, Terisha Wharwood and Lerbon Morris were all taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex for treatment.

And even as emergency responders tried to manage traffic caused by the accident, while waiting for wreckers to remove the vehicles, a group of men who claimed to be associates of Wharton tried removing items from the car.

When they were stopped by police, the men began shouting loudly, complaining that items were being removed from the other vehicles involved.

However, they were told if they could the certified copy for the vehicle, they would then be allowed to remove any items.

The men left soon afterwards without taking anything from the car.

Police on the scene said Wharwood and his passengers were said to be affiliated with a Port-of-Spain ‘community leader.’

The other drivers, from Couva, Oropune and Piarco were also taken to hospital. Police told Guardian Media at the scene that several bottles of alcohol were found in one of the vehicles involved in the accident.

PC Palmiste is continuing investigations.