Police officers have detained a driver who deliberately drove his car into a group of officers leaving them injured while they were conducting duties on Monday night at Maracas Bay.

According to a police report, around 10.10 pm a police corporal and two police constables were placing “No Parking” signs along the roadway in the vicinity of the U-Park car park Maracas Bay when a white Nissan B13 registration PBB 9195 vehicle was seen exiting the fishing village at a high rate of speed.

The acting police corporal used his flashlight in an effort to get the driver to slow down, however, the driver accelerated and swerved the vehicle and struck him on the feet. One of the two police constable who was there was thrown several feet in the air after being struck by the car.

The officers became fearful for their lives and drew their service issued firearms discharging several rounds in the direction of the vehicle and driver who eventually sped off.

The injured officers were taken to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital for medical attention.

Several units within the North Eastern Division were placed on alert and officers managed to detain the suspect soon after for questioning.