Elvis Macarno, 49, of LP 52 Toco Main Road, Matura, is the country’s latest road fatality victim. Police said at about 7.15 pm on Thursday PC Ramphal and other officers of the Sangre Grande Police Station responded to a report of an accident on the Valencia Old Road.

Upon reaching the vicinity of LP 46 they saw Marcano’s body lying on the middle of the western side of the roadway approximately 20 feet away from a green coloured B14 parked on the side of the road.

The driver of the B14, a 45-year-old man, of Bernard Street West via Niblett Street Chaguanas was interviewed and he indicated that he was proceeding west along the said roadway which has no lighting and saw something on the roadway that he assumed was garbage and continued driving his vehicle over it.

However, he told police that he was stopped by another driver of a vehicle proceeding in the opposite direction who told him that he had just ran over a person.

He stopped his vehicle exited and upon checking observed the dead man on the road.

The scene was visited by ASP Fitzworm and Inspector Callender. The District Medical Officer Dr Belgrave arrived at the scene made a pronouncement and ordered the body’s removal to the Sangre Grande Hospital Mortuary pending a post mortem.

Acting Cpl Pooran is investigating.