A man from Arima without a driver’s permit, who borrowed his mother’s car to check on his sick, pregnant wife, has been fined $2,500.

Garvin Jack, 31, was fined $1,000 for driving without a permit and $1,500 for driving without a valid certificate of insurance when he pleaded guilty to both offences during a virtual hearing before Magistrate Duane Murray, yesterday.

Jack was detained by police last Friday after he got into a minor car accident at Chin Chin Road in Cunupia. Neither Jack nor the other driver sustained any injuries.

Presenting a mitigation plea on Jack’s behalf, his lawyer Bhimal Maharajh pleaded for leniency based on his early guilty plea.

Maharajh also noted that Jack had been wounded in a shooting last year and still required surgery to remove two bullets from his stomach.

Maharajh explained that Jack decided to borrow his mother’s car as he heard his wife was experiencing pain and discomfort and was worried that she would lose the baby.

Murray agreed and fined Jack for the offences.