A police officer speaks with members of the Drugs Sou Sou during a silent protest outside the Diplomatic Centre, St Anns, Port-of-Spain.

Rhonda Jones, the spokesman for the group which supports Drugs Sou Sou (DSS), says that they will continue protest action until all the money that police seized is returned to the business so they could continue their investments.

Two weeks ago, investigators from the Financial Investigations Bureau (FIB) was permitted by the courts to detain millions of dollars in cash seized from the home of DSS administrators.

The money will remain in police custody for the next three months while investigators try to trace its origins and build their case.

Jones said as far as she knows, 18,000 members belong to the group.

“This is our money and we want it back. We are pooling our resources and we are sharing out. We are also asking other persons to join. We have single mothers, pregnant women, lower-income persons and a wide cross-section of society involved in this,” she said.

On Saturday, Jones along with over 20 other protesters with placards gathered outside the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s. She said that they sought legal advice and applied to take part in a motorcade, but were not given permission. The group then decided on a peaceful protest.

Jones, who is the T&T Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) Teacher of the Year for 2019, said part of her reason for investing in DSS was to get computer devices for her students. She teaches at La Horquetta South Primary School.

She also said there was a heavy police presence in La Horquetta close to DSS office on Saturday morning.

“For me, that is taking away the rights of ordinary citizens.”


In a video posted on social media on Friday night, Kerron “Preeze” Clarke, founder of DSS said that his operations remained closed but they have not refunded any members.

“To date, we have not given refunds to anyone. Myself, admins and other staff of DSS have not financed or given any refunds to anyone. Any news or rumours concerning that topic please disregard them.”

He also urged members to stay away from people spreading “propaganda’” and critics whose sole purpose is to mislead members.

“Myself and my legal team are working hard to ensure that the outcome of the investigation comes out a particular type of way. We believe in the dignity and humility and honesty of the T&T Police Service in their role and functions of this ongoing investigation.”

He said DSS operations remain closed at this time pending the outcome of the ongoing investigations and called on supporters to continue to assist with legal fees.

“In terms of legal fees contributions you can visit our office at the hours 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday and 8 am to 2 pm on a Saturday for legal fees donations only.”