Vishal Birju charged with the murder of Gabriel Dubarry is escorted out the Siparia Magistrates Court, yesterday.

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Two days after Gabriella Dubarry was cremated, the man accused of her murder has been sent for a psychiatric evaluation at the St Anns Psychiatric Hospital.

Vishal Birju, 30, a PH driver of Pepper Village, Fyzabad appeared before Magistrate Ava Vandenberg-Bailey at the Siparia Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning.

The court heard that on Thursday 9th January, Birju went into the home of Dubarry’s parents at Jebodhsingh Drive, Avocat and shot her on the head.

He was not called upon to plead as the charge was laid indictably.

Wearing a blue shirt, jeans and white sneakers, Birju continually rocked from front to back as he stared at the Magistrate and waited for his matter to be heard.

This prompted Court Prosecutor Starr Jacob to ask why he was shaking.

His attorney Nazima Ali said he was in need of a psychological assessment. She said he required medication and a proper medical examination.

Prosecutor Jacob consulted with the complainant Cpl Harripersad. She later told Magistrate Vandenberg- Bailey that Birju showed no signs of “medical incapabilities” during his incarceration.

“He was quite coherent during the inquiries, “ she added.

However, she said the prosecution had no problems with Birju undergoing a medical examination. Magistrate Vandenberg- Bailey ordered that Birju be taken for an assessment at the St Ann’s hospital for a two-week period.

He was ordered to reappear in court on January 28.

Dubarry had been involved in a relationship with Birju since school days. Days before her murder she lodged a report at the Fyzabad police station.

She was the mother of a seven-year-old boy. Police said before she died she made domestic violence reports to the Fyzabad police.