Watson Duke says the new system of port procedures should not have been introduced until workers had been properly trained in them

President of the Public Service Association (PSA), Watson Duke, is calling on the Government to revert to the old system at the port.

According to Mr Duke, the new system which was introduced in mid-February is not working.

The PSA president told Guardian Media that the workers he represents say they are surprised by the new system, as they have been not been sufficiently trained to manage it properly.

“There was insufficient training,” he reports. “The workers say had they got the necessary training, the system would have up and running seamlessly, already.”

Watson Duke argues the system was introduced without proper information on it and someone must be held accountable.

“The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago have bought a system without proper research and without proper knowledge,” he says, “and they have now found themselves in a position where that which they have bought is not able to provide the service they have spoken of. Somebody must be held accountable for this.”

Watson Duke maintains the government must apologise to the workers and citizens of this country for the inconvenience the system change has caused.

And he agrees with the American Chamber of T&T (AMCHAM) and others in the business community that the old system should be brought back and used until proper training and information dissemination is done on the new port procedures.