PDP leader Watson Duke at a public meeting in Lambeau on Wednesday night.

A video of Watson Duke, leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) inadvertent calling on his supporters to “Vote for PNM,” has gone viral.

The 17-second video showed him on the stage addressing his supporters in Lambeau on Wednesday night.

On realising his mistake, Duke blamed the faux pas on “PNM demons”.

“Vote PNM, vote for the PNM. PNM what! Vote for the PDP. Vote PDP. It’s the demons you know. It’s the demons. Folks, hear me. It’s the demons,” Duke said.

Addressing the video, the PDP’s deputy political leader Dr Faith Yisrael said it was “a genuine mistake”.

“The PNM is using the mistake as a distraction from the real issues in Tobago. They have done nothing over the past years and are using this instead of talking about the real issues,” she told Guardian Media.

“Why is this an issue?” she asked.

Duke is contesting the Tobago East seat on behalf of the PDP. He is currently the Minority Leader in the Tobago House of Assembly.