Watson Duke, political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP)

Progressive Democratic Patriots leader, Watson Duke, says he wishes Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley a speedy recovery after Dr. Rowley announced he contracted COVID-19.

In a WhatsApp media message, Duke, who is also President of the Public Service Association, said:

“On behalf of the Progressive Democratic Patriots and the members of the Public Service Association, I wish to ask God for a speedy recovery for our dear Prime Minister Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley.”

Dr.Rowley was due to get the vaccine in Tobago today (April 6).

Duke called on other high-ranking members of the government to be vaccinated.

“All Government ministers should immediately move post-haste to take the vaccine, protect themselves, their Permanent Secretaries and all persons within their ministries.”

He said those persons governing Tobago should do the same.

“Likewise, all Secretaries or those who continue themselves as Secretaries within the Tobago House of Assembly, they should take the vaccine post-haste and protect the administrators and persons within their department.”

Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis announced this morning, via his Facebook page, that he is in quarantine, as he was informed he is a primary contact of someone who contracted COVID-19.