Loyse Vincent

Political leader of the Peoples Democratic Patriots Watson Duke broke his social media silence yesterday and said he met with his two THA minority colleagues following the party’s defeat in Monday’s general election.

He said the members agreed to continue with their momentum on the Tobago House of Elections in January where he would support Farley Augustine for Chief Secretary.

Duke also said he has made a decision to put his bad boy days behind him and focus on getting into Parliament where he feels he could truly make a difference.

Blaming the Tobago voters for returning the PNM to office, Duke said his predictions were correct in forecasting that the UNC would gain 19 seats while the PNM 20 seats and he believes that the PDP would have made a difference if they had won the two Tobago seats.

Duke, who said he would no longer risk going to prison for workers’ rights, warned of mass retrenchment at WASA, T&TEC and URP, and although he would guide the fight against the Government he planned to do so from the background as president of the PSA.