Watson Duke

Public Services Association (PSA) President Watson Duke is taking legal action against local private sex register website my trini experience.com.

In a 35-point pre-action protocol letter, the PSA president and his union are calling on the site to remove his image forthwith from their website.

Duke, who is also the president of the National Trade Union Centre, is making a claim against the local website for damages, including aggravated and exemplary damages for libel contained in the website publication.

The letter stated that the Registry of Stories on Charges of Violence in Trinidad and Tobago is not an official registry of sexual offenders and purports not to be a government site. It further states that the site is a de facto sexual offender’s registry and contains a link to a newspaper article that deals with a sedition charge and a sexual charge is only mentioned on the website.

Duke seeking a full and unequivocal retraction and apology to be approved by his attorneys published in all daily newspapers in T&T and on internet websites by advertisement paid for by the website’s owners.

He is also calling for compensation for the injury caused to his reputation and image, including an award for aggravated and exemplary damages.

Duke is being represented by Kelvin Ramkissoon.

The PSA president is also calling on the local website to provide its hosting providers within 14 days so that his legal team might take proceedings against the website and the domain registrar or hosting company.

The website mytriniexperience.com came into prominence after the kidnapping and murder of 23-year-old Andrea Baharat. The site was reportedly created to show sex offenders in T&T following an outcry by citizens for a Government sex registry.

Efforts to contact mytriniexperience.com for comment were unsuccessful.