PSA president Watson Duke responds to an announcement made by Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales of an impending major shake up at the Water and Sewage Authority during a press conference at the union’s headquarters, Abercromby Street Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Public Services Association (PSA) president Watson Duke is threatening to ‘wage war’ on the Government over a recommendation by a Cabinet sub-committee for the incremental dissolution of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) and replace it with a Water Management Company.

In a news conference yesterday, Duke said Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales was wrong.

“WASA is not unresponsive. WASA is not unproductive. WASA is not dead. WASA is growing and is coming into its purpose with water for all, a portable reliable water supply for all. There are more persons getting water in the history of this country,” Duke said.

He added: “For the last six years who was the government? Who was the one in charge? Who was the one spending money on WASA? Wasn’t it the PNM? Wasn’t it Rowley? Wasn’t it Imbert? How come all of a sudden things have gotten so bad that they are painting the picture of WASA as a mad organisation just doing whatever it wants and it is also unresponsive?” he asked.

He continued: “I say to Trinidad and Tobago to wake up and be prepared to send a strong message to the Prime Minister. Let him know that we had enough and it is time to look at the polls again. You want to send Tobago back to the polls, well let the whole nation go back to the polls.”

He said what WASA wants is “for the politicians to remove themselves and to allow efficient employees, efficient management to take the necessary steps to make WASA efficient”.

Duke has mandated that public servants stay away from work on Tuesday, March 2. “I say to WASA workers and all sundry, be prepared to take a day…I am prepared to fight,” Duke said.