The official statement issued by the EBC today, debunking fake news posts allegedly made in its name. (Image courtesy EBC)


The Elections and Boundaries Commission has warned the public about false posts  being  made in its name about PEP  Diego  Martin North /East candidate Phillips Alexander  – and about  wearing colours  to enter polling stations.

EBC stated that Progressive Empowerment Party Leader  Alexander  remains on the ballot as a candidate—and you  can wear any colours to enter polling station, but not with party emblems.

The  EBC issued a statement at 5.51am this morning  stating it  was made aware of a publication bearing the EBC’s logo, which went viral on social media last evening, stating that Alexander, the PEP candidate for Diego Martin North/East was no longer a candidate.

Alexander is on the ballot, EBC Communication Manager Bobbie Rogers confirmed.

Around 7.40 am, the EBC also stated  it was made aware of another post circulating on social media and bearing its logo, purporting that people cannot wear certain colours to go to polling stations.

Communication Manager Rogers stated this document is also false and was not issued by the EBC.

“The electorate can wear any colour on poll day, but persons will not be permitted into a polling station wearing the emblems or logos of political parties or with the words “VOTE FOR” on their articles of clothing.”

Guardian Media checks in the Port of Spain North area indicated short lines  and  swift voting processes  at polling stations  at  Newtown Boys and Girls RC Schools on French Street.  This was just as polls opened at 6 am.

Prior to the opening of polls, a medium-length line  of people had formed  outside of the polling stations. But the line moved quickly as voting began

Deyalsingh family dismisses rant

Meanwhile, the family of  Terrence Deyalsingh  has dismissed social media rants by Anil Roberts  earlier this morning. They said there was no breach of any COVID protocols by Deyalsingh’s daughter in law.

Deyalsingh said that his daughter in law did attend a wedding in Tobago; however, she did not stay at the Tropikist Hotel and Resort in Crown Point—the hotel in question, where a COVID-19 positive patient was confirmed.

“My daughter in law was contacted by one of her friends after returning to Trinidad last Sunday and advised that there was a COVID positive case at the wedding she attended in Tobago.  As a responsible medical practitioner, my daughter in law immediately went into self- isolation and has been in self isolation since Sunday. And out of an abundance of caution, she will not be voting today,” said Deyalsingh. 

He continued, “There is no privilege or preference for any member of my family as it pertains to the established COVID-19 protocols. This incident further demonstrates that no one is immune from the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 virus and we must continue to be vigilant to protect ourselves and our loved ones.”