Member of Parliament for Princes Town, Barry Padarath, MP, pose a question, during the Standing Finance Committee, in Parliament, yesterday.

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Individuals in quarantine will be able to file their ballots come the August 10 general elections. And United National Congress Princes Town candidate Barry Padarath will be allowed to file his nominations via an election agent while he spends 14-days in quarantine.

This was confirmed on Sunday by Chief Elections Officer of the Elections and Boundaries Commissioner Fern Narcis-Scope, who said the Representation of the People Act allows Padarath to apply to have an election agent file nomination papers on his behalf.

“There is a provision in the legislation for the filing of nomination papers by an election agent. Padarath has no issue, his papers can be filed quite adequately on his behalf,” Narcis-Scope said.

She also revealed that anyone who is in quarantine will not be disenfranchised.

“We have advised the CMO that it is our intention to allow people who are in quarantine the opportunity to vote. They will be treated as special electors and will be taken care of in accordance with the legislation that speaks to the situation for special electors,” Narcis-Scope said.

She added, “Persons who are in quarantine will be asked to apply to be treated as a special elector and thereafter arrangements will be made for a special polling station to be set up in that quarantine facility during the period for special voting so these people in quarantine can vote.”

She noted that these special voters will vote in advance of the August 10 election day.

“Applications will be made available to these individuals when the time comes. All of these things can be found in the legislation,” she said.

Contacted via Facebook, Padarath confirmed he was returning home on Wednesday from the United States having been given an exemption from the Ministry of National Security. He once he will undergo a 14-day quarantine which will end on July 22.

Padarath did not confirm he had been chosen as the Princes Town candidate at the time but said, “Should I be the candidate I can appoint an election agent who can file the nomination I am advised,” he said.